Philips Hue Lights: Light a bright light! - Details Shopping Guide

Are you planning to build a smart home and be updated with the modern world? Then, brighten up your space with Philips Hue lights – the smart lighting system which will not only illuminate your place but will also set the ambience according to your mood. Philips manufactures a wide range of smart LED lights with different effects and colors, as well as, perfect fitting in every almost all types of sockets. You can even control all the lightings with just a click on the remote! Speaking of remote control, you can also integrate Philips Hue lights with Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Alexa, and several other smart home podia. Moreover, compared to other lights, Philips LEDs lasts longer and consumes much less energy. For all these reasons, Philips has a century-old reputation of being Philips Hue Lights the best of their kind in the world of illumination and you should it for your home. In order to assist you with the correct selection for your requirement, here is a guide of the varieties of Philips Hue lights available and their use.

Philips Hue white ambience E14 candle
Opening the pack, you will find a bulb with E14 screw fitting that lights through a 6W LED. The complete device is equivalent to 40W power. This candle shaped feature can also be found under the name B39. There are more than 50,000 shades of white light of this candle with a whole range from cool to warm white.

Philips Hue white and colour ambience E14 Candle
There is also a color version of the Philips Hue white ambience E14 candle whose LED power output is 6.5W. It has also got the B39 form feature and E14 screw fitting like the previous one. Although this color version light gives the same the same number of white shades with a similar lumen output of 470lm at 4000K, it also gives out 16 million colors to the shades.

Philips Hue white extension bulb A19/E27

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